Do you think the United States government should become more or less “democratic?”

Yes, I do think that the United States government should be more democratic. I think that the United States government should be more democratic because I think everybody should get a chance to have their vote count and not just have the presidential electors vote. Not everybody votes for him to vote for the person he votes for.

Tail Of Tears Though My Own Eyes

             Hello I am an Indian woman who is being forced to leave my home.  I have been travelling for many days.  I’m traveling with my daughter and her husband and their kid, my grandchildren.  My husband did two days ago in his sleep, I miss him very much.  It has been a long hard walk so far but I must continue to walk hard for my family I don’t know how much more I can take of this pain and suffering.  We have very little food with us, to make things even worst we must share with the other families travelling with us.  My youngest granddaughter is very sick and is being carried by her father because she can’t walk anymore.  I fear that she will not make it though the night.

A trip to Vermont

Last week my dad took me and my friend Jose to Vermont to go snwoboarding.  It all start when he came over my house on Saturday.  He had to sleep over my house because we were leaving at 5:00a.m.  We stayed outside till 10:00p.m. ringing people’s door bells.  When we went inside we played some vidoe games and we watched Saving Privet Ryan.  My Dad told us to go to bed but we ended up watching t.v. till 1:00a.m. but when we finally wanted to go to bed people kept texting us so we couldnt.

After a while of snowboarding Steven wanted to take a break so my dad went with him and me and jose kept snowboarding.  We went in the gondulla and on the way up there was a crazy person who told Jose she hopes he dies because she over heard him telling me about how he hit into a little girl.  So anyways once we got up to the top of the mountain we saw a little hole in the trees so we thought there was a trail back in the trees……. there wasn’t.  The next thing we know we are crahing are way down the mountain through trees that were inches apart from each other.

After we got Steven and my dad.  Steven skies and is not that good.  So we were going down a dubble black dimen trail with moguls, which is the hardest.  Once we get down me, my dad, and jose are sitting there looking up the mountain for steven.  All of a sudden we see steven sliding on his butt down the mountain with his skies off.  Then he started picking up speed and start fliing of the bumps.  It was the funniest thing i ever saw, we were all there laughing are heads off as he was fliing down the mountain with snow shotting up all around him.

What Inspires You?

Throughout my life i have always been inspired by different people and things.  I think that the biggest thing that inspires somebody is a person that they look up to, like a role model.  I think that a good role model is somebody who always does the right thing no matter what and always tells the truth.  It is to bad that people do not always pick the best role models.  Most of the kids now a days pick people famous people like rappers and movie stars, who teach them that drug and killing is “cool.”

Remember to always pick good role model like a teacher or a parent.  And for the role models rememer that you are the example and the kids of this generation are looking up to you and are doing what you do, so make sure you aren’t setting the wrong example.

How Do I Stay Green At My House

I think that it is very important to stay to green.  So at my house I like to stay green by always remembering to use the trash can instead of just throwing my trash on the ground or in my yard.  Also when every my neighbors’ trash blows into my yard I make sure it ends up in the right place.

i think that i should be more green because if everybody thought that way then the world would be a much better place.  The only thing that is standing in my way of becoming more green is the door.

Do You Judge Somebody By Their Actions Or Intentions?

Do you think you should judge somebody by their actions or their intentions?  I think that you need to judge somebody by their intentions.  Before you answer read this, a man was stealing from your house and you catch him.  The police catch him as he is running away.  He is guilty right?  You find out that the only reason he is stealing from you is because he has a son who needs medication for a disease he has or he will die.  Now I will ask you again, do you think you should judge somebody by their actions or their intentions?


in the year 2973 we have very fast cars and airplanes for traviling.  Instead of going to school, at night you have to put a chip into your neck and year while you sleep.  Everybody has a lot more money because as kid we can go to do jobs for people until we are done learning at night.  Also in the year 2973 people us huvver crafts and jet packs to get to most places quicker.